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NEV Innovations

WNEVC 2019 is supported by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. The new energy vehicle (NEV) development is one of the key elements of the National Strategic Emerging Industries and Made in China 2025. Its development is the necessary pathway for the transition of China’s automotive industry from simply being large to being strong as well. After years of support from the government, the NEV sector in China has established its industry chain. As of October 2017, China has deployed a total of 1.5 million NEVs. According to the Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Development Plan ([2012] No. 22) issued by the State Council, China is projected to deploy a total of five million NEVs by 2020.

New Energy Vehicle Innovations exhibit profiles include:

● Power battery and battery management
● Motor drive and power electronics assembly
● Electric vehicle intelligent technology
● Others

● Fuel cell power system
● Plug-in/extended hybrid system
● Pure electric power system

Below achievements will be showcased during WNEVC 2019 from July 1st to 3rd, 2019:

【Project Name and Project Series No.】 the engine R&D for hybrid vehicle 2017YFB0103400

【Field】 Plug-in/extended hybrid system

【Recommended by】 Chery Automobile Co.,Ltd.

【Project Introduction】

The task of this project is to develop 1-2 high thermal efficiency of gasoline engine, Its effective thermal efficiency can reach above 40%. The engine products should be assembled on a plug-in passenger car, and get a product certification. The vehicle should meet the China 6 emission standards. Establish an annual production capacity of more than 10000 product lines.

【Main results and technological innovation】

The 1.6L TGDI engine can get effective thermal efficiency up to 40%. Reduce the breathing loss, cooling loss and improve the efficiency of mechanical is the key to improve engine thermal efficiency. The main factors influence the breathing loss is Otto cycle efficiency, combustion efficiency. Improve the efficiency of Otto cycle need to enhance the compression ratio and use dilution lean combustion. The project choose TGDI gasoline engine platform to develop the high thermal efficiency, enhance the efficiency of the highest load points, improve the efficiency of mechanical, extended low fuel consumption area. Using low pressure EGR as the key technology of dilution combustion, and at the same time in order to improve the combustion efficiency, combined with Miller cycle. The cooling EGR and Miller cycle make the engine work in low temperature combustion , at the same time can reduce the wall heat loss.

【Project Name and Project Series No.】 High performance and low energy consumption pure electric vehicle chassis and whole vehicle development project 2017YFB0103700

【Field】 Others

【Recommended by】 Beijing Electric Vehicle Co.,ltd

【Project Introduction】

In view of the challenge existing in the whole vehicle development process of electric vehicles, such as intelligent vehicle control, battery pack, active and passive safety of whole vehicle, integrated pure electric power transmission and lightweight, this project is mainly focused on solving major scientific problems such as the dynamic coordinated control method of electric four-wheel drive vehicles, the design of multi-physical field coupling of power system, the safety protection mechanism of high energy density battery pack, and the function-material-structure lightweight design method. This project focuses on breaking through key technical bottlenecks, such as energy consumption optimization and intelligent control technology of whole vehicle, battery pack safety protection and active and passive safety technology of the whole vehicle, chassis optimization design and technical development of pure electric car, vehicle integration and lightweight.

【Main results and technological innovation】

1. The development of 3D braiding CFRP A pillar strengthening beam in side body, which is the key component related to the vehicle impact performance. The traditional hot forming sheet metal A pillar strengthening beam is replaced by the brand-new design with advanced carbon fiber composite material. During the structure design process, the material performance, component performance requirements, structure, forming process, connection mode, and assembly scheme are considered simultaneously. The innovation design is formed after multiple optimizations, including: profile structure proposal with variable cross section, the design proposal of side body strengthening assembly with matching structural and performance, innovative sleeve connection structure with adhesive and injection process, the assembly proposal which can meet the requirements of mass production of multi-material car body. The components adopt 3D braiding process and RTM process (HP-RTM process will be used in mass production phase), the weight of which can be reduce to 50%, and the forming efficiency (to 5min/pcs) and material utilization (more than 90%) of which can be improved simultaneously. The sample manufacturing and vehicle verification of this component has been finished, and the research achievements are currently in the leading level in China.

2. By exploring the potential of multi-material car body and analyzing the feasibility of applying carbon fiber structural parts on car body, the development of multi-material CFRP front bumper beam assembly is carried out. This assembly can effectively improve the energy absorption effect during the impact on the premise of ensuring all mechanical properties, and more than 40% weight reduction of front bumper beam and more than 20% weight reduction of crush box can be achieved. The rivet and adhesive connection are applied, which can improve the fatigue and NVH performance of whole vehicle. The crush box is designed to induce deformation by applying the local fiber reinforcement structure. 3D braiding, wet winding (original 0°winding direction method), RTM and other automatic processes are applied in the manufacturing process of this assembly. By optimizing the structure design, multiple components can be formed in one process, which can reduce the process cost and improve the cycle time.